Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featured This Month!

Vincent Watts III & Bowen Kline

"My paintings explore more of a cultural environment in urban areas, which has leaded me into mixed media.

I use wood, canvas, newspaper, old sogns and other found objects to help me undertand my relationship to the world around me."

Alyse Ziede

"Life begins and ends with a beautiful mess of opportunities...
It's opportunities where the classis and distinct combine in refreshingly unexpected ways. This is beauty defined by Alyse Ziede.

Alyse's designs have been worn by famous stars such as Halle Berry, Keri Russell and many others."

Brian Patrick

"Through the lens of his camera, Chicago photographer Brian Patrick captures a wide variety of subjects. Be it the human form, rusted metal or complex architectural shapes, Brian always presents keen focal points along with contrasting textures and elegant lines."

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